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tv   Right Side With Armstrong Williams  CBS  October 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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>> welcome to this edition of the right side of today, we talk about the hd1 visa. that's next on the right side. [ music ] president of the federation for american immigration reform. known as fair, and he joins us, along with john, on skype, at the fellowship of immigration studies. and thank you bother in joining us. sometime ago, we had this forum, which we do every year, hold your feet to the fire, and dan
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about h 1. v visa. and you were telling this story about disney. i like for you to tell that story for the audience to set the stage for the discussion today. >> all right, try to imagine, you've been working for this company for 10, 20 years, great performance reviews and periodic raise. >> before that, tell what h1vs are? >> it's supposed to be for a company to foreign worker for unforeseen needs for undetermined reasons. in other words, a labor shortage, until you can find trained american workers. that's not what is happening. what's happening across the country, these programs are being abused and farm workers are being exploited and american workers are being fired.
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with severance. we talk about walt disney. this is a typical example. you have a bunch of guys, men and women, programmers working in there for years, great performance reviews, and recommendations and they feel like they're doing the great job for the company and from all external appearances they are. one day they have a meeting, and they think they're coming in to get attaboys, and they are told and they have to train their replacements, and they have to agree to get their severance. the reason we're not told about it, the severance that requires confidentiality. but these heroes from walter wat disney company have talked about it. donald trump is talking about
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lawsuits going on to try to get this abuse under control. but there of been national heroes, including the fellow on with me today, john meato. the h1 program is a beast, it's out of control. a government program gone awry, minted by unscrupulous attorneys, and greedy corpses and there are institutions trying to get around it. american workers who need to be working into these reestablish a stable american middle class. >> i want to bring john meano into this conversation because not only do they put these american workers in a very compromised situation, but they lead them to believe from time to time that they also put them in another position, which never pans out. >> that's what they say. i think the best statement about
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external consumption than internal consumption. disney says that they offer people jobs in all of these different places, which isn't true at all. >> how do we get to this point and why is it that people like bill gates loves this kind of program. >> they love it, because they can save thousands of dollars a year on a foreign worker. the h1v program in theory requires the prevailing wage, but it's the 17 percentile, not the actually prevailing wage. so they pay these people very low wages and they become indentured servants. bill gates can pay them very low wages and dangle a green card in front of them and keep them tied up for ten years. >> and like you said early on,
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because they have kids. >> it's a form of exploitation, and the jobs that are created, again, the h1v program is expanded to schoolteachers, nurses, stuff that was never contemplated. back in 1990 when they created it, it was for a very limited number of people that the tech company said that they couldn't get. something that was not recognizable. in other visa programs, the f1 visa, occupational training visa, and they bring in managers from other companies. ep5 program for foreign investment. these are all being abused. these laws are not being
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programs, and its like a major tidal wave. it's not like american workers have all of these options to work into the middle class. we were told that the manufacturing jobs would be the path to the stable income of the middle class future. wall street said that's not going to happen. and we have proven that more education doesn't necessarily mean a middle-class income. what's the alternative? at the time we're trying to figure out a future for the american company, we hav programs out of control. the h1v program is capped and the others are not. except there's a component of the h1v program that's not capped. except for organizations and universities, they're not capped if they use h1v programs for graduate workers. they're working with internet startups and other companies to bring in h1v without the actual cap. so there are all of these
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administration has expanded it and made it worse. it's an enormous job for the next administration to clean up not just this, but protect the american worker.
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fair to allow immigrants to come into this country to undercut american jobs? >> well, first of all, these are not technically immigrants, they're guest workers. they're coming for a short amount of time and going back home. so how fair is it for the government program to allow companies to bring in replacements for american
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on a temporary basis? >> should americans be given a preference when it comes to specialized positions or should it be based on merritt alone. >> well, it should be based on americans first. that's supposed to be the principle of the immigration system. you protect miles-per-houred from foreign labor. the problem about merritt, it's great to talk about merit. but in reality, we're not dealing with merit, b here. the people at disney weren't fired because they could get better people from india, they were fired or replaced because they could get cheaper people. >> let's suppose from the gop side and the democratic side. obviously, the democrats want us to have them because it means more votes for them and the republicans because it's cheaper labor for big business.
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dynamic. both parties see equal opportunity assault on american workers here. the big change is donald trump. donald trump is the first presidential candidate to come out and say that he's against this. the pundits in washington are amazed because what was going on here, jeb bush was enthusiastically supporting foreign workers, and mark mark sponsored two bills to support foreign trump said we should not be replacing americans with foreign workers, and donald trump ends up winning and the washington pundits can't figure this out. >> i also wonder why big business is allowed to run rough shod on this issue, especially when you realize the price that americans are paying for job losses in the long run. >> it's about the money. think about it. in the end, ultimately, these
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universities, and they see the foreign students as people with free tuition, and they're injecting money into the political system. it needs money, and doesn't care about the welfare of the upper class and the middle. there are only two arguments for the h1v program. one is people bring in emerging skills, and you absolutely can't find, can't trin an american worker to have, and that's why you few of those, and then you argue that they're going to start a business because it's entrepreneurial. that's not the point of the h1v program. and wall street is trying to defend it saying that 2 brings in entrepreneurs. americans are entrepreneurial and we know how to start businesses. what you're talking about is a subordinated middle class,
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want to bring relatives here or send money back home. and naturally, they accept arbitration in working conditions that no american could. they transform the nature of the labor market, and make it unattractive to american workers for various reasons, and end up distorting the process by which we recruit american workers into those fields. and the way that companies get access greater work is shortage, because of the domestic shortage, you see where i'm going there. the people are not got going to into the field, the employers don't want to hire them. it creates age discrimination. what was going on at disney. the older seasoned american workers are being fired because they want to pay less for young foreign workers. and you have people with
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look at what's happening to american workers in their 40s and 50s, and it's a national crime. >> you know, john, what is fascinating, i mentioned to you about bill gates, and it's not just bill gates. a lot of the ceos, they want to cap the h1v and why are they so adamant about removing the cap, and having no cap, and what are the consequences? >> this year, and it started in the late 90s. industries started asking for more and more workers, and there were increases in 1998, 2,000, and 2004. and congress eventually got tired of them asking for more and more and more and more. then in 2008, they got the department of homeland security to use student visa as a replacement for h1vs as per
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do is just blow the lid off so they can end this lobbying process of incremental increases and a lot of legislation, including the grossly miss named comprehensive immigration reform that eliminates them altogether. >> the cost by cost analysis basis, how does it really impact u.s. economy. >> it doesn't impact it, except for redistributed income for unemployment. there's no evidence -- >> what sector? >> h1v workers are working across the economy, because it has loosened up and they can get applications for all kinds of industries. people normally think of them highly skilled ph.d and microprocessing. we're talking about teachers,
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any time an employer believes they can't get anybody, and they have to advertise above a minimum skill level. two years of college or whatever, people coming into h1v are garden variety, former college graduates, not what you think of as extraordinary ability. >> hold that. we're coming back with dan and john. i'm sean williams, don't go
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>> we're back with jan stein in the studio and john miano on skype. you were talking about brexit. >> a lot of people wonder about brexit and i spent a couple of weeks there before the vote.
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coming in from the eu to work in the uk through various channels and once you get into the eu, you with work anywhere. the h1v is a lot like that. to tell you how powerful corporate interests are, the opposition to brexit, they're saying this will be the end of western civilization, the end of the eu and the world as we know it. they labeled it project fear. and the same crowd that lob they like the h1v business and the lobbying process. they get to sell visa. big checks to political done, we have to have these bills and visa, and members of congress raise money by giving away rez see to foreign workers. it's a great way to win and as john said on the left, the immigration has become a political operation for the
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but even hillary clinton the other day said i'm concerned about labor displacement. that's how important the disney campaign has been. hillary clinton suddenly cares about the highly skilled work, though her amnesty program is decimating lesser skilled american workers. but we have to guilty this right, we have to have hope. we're going to go back to the immigration system and serve the american people once more with reasonable numbers to protect the american workers. we all here and legally work hard, but not using systems that exploit workers and displace americans. >> you know, john miano, should this kind of visa work program exist at all and if it should exist, how should that look. >> i would say that this type of program should not exist at all in the way it does. i mean i look at this program
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actually says. and what the purpose of this program is, is to generate legal fees. that's the major purpose. bring as many people as you can through the system and make it as complicated as problem and drive money to lawyers. and the second purpose is to bring in cheap labor, and there's not really such a need for such a program, and this is why, whenever congress works on bills, we have armies marching on washington to write them. >> bruce marshall is a member of congress in 1990, he was out there raising a lot of money on the strength of the visa, this is the amnesty program, and bruce is not out there making a lot of money on the program. and he's exactly right. lawyers tell them, all of the evidence is now here, american workers are truly being hurt by this program.
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bring them home and to get the legislative fix, we agree with john, the program tightening back up, again, the obama administration is loosening the categories, the occupational program. the l program, the j program, it's a series of these categories. it's a tidal wave, an avalanche, a beast that has to be constrained and brought under control or we'll never recover. to restore pressure, so americans can go in and buy. how are you going to get wanes to go up if you're constantly flooding the market with foreign labor. >> we have a little bit more time, and we're going to come black with a little bit more in the next segment.
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>> welcome back, and you know you can visit us online. we're back with john stein and honestly, i don't think that it's any difference if which president obama were in the white house for this issue or a republican administration. they both don't she the american people. and they both have their own agenda. >> i don't know if you were aware of this, but michelle and i, we talk about how both parties have worked together to basically rake over the american public. i mean, we're sitting here dealing with an issue of americans are being fired and replaced by foreign workers, and where's the outrage? you should expect members of
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floor and saying, this should not be happening, legislation needs to be put in immediately. and instead, when it started in the 1990s, congress responded by making it legal to replace american workers under the h1v program. >> dan, in about the minute that we have left, how did immigrants to have such a strong advocate for them at the expense of we, the people. >> you look at t industries, microsoft, google, they put these visa, and form these allegiances with the left-wing. very powerful block, you have business people on the right and the far left working together, the little guy in the middle gets screwed. and that are not that many advocates for the average
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exploitation and agreed. look at the defense against slavery, indentured servitude, all over the world. agreed is something to be reckoned with, and it's going to take the combined force of america ruinedded to get these programs we written. >> john stein and john skype, and don, running the showed it. and we appreciate it. for all of the fine people here, thank you for joining us for
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